Spruce Up Your Social - Organizing and Process

Organizing and Processes

Plotting out your social presence and implementing processes for maintenance and growth can be the most difficult parts of undertaking a social initiative. They are also the most crucial steps to guarantee success. Listen to our on-demand webinar with Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang, Aramark's Tom Carusona, and Spredfast’s Jim Rudden as they provide practical advice and key insights into organizing social at scale for the enterprise. 

During this session you’ll hear:

  • How to get started by planning a social blueprint
  • Common organizational structures for social within the enterprise
  • Real World Examples of how a national company is organizing for social success

When you register for this session you will receive our “7 Whiteboard Sessions for Every Social Strategist” Whitepaper and new tipsheet, “How Does your Social Garden Grow?”

Jeremiah Owyang


Altimeter Group


Jim Rudden




Tom Carusona

Sr. Director, Digital & Social Media



By registering, you'll receive the tipsheet "How Does Your Garden Grow?" and whitepaper "7 Whiteboard Sessions for Every Social Strategist"