The Social Media Pocket Guide 

Learn How to Implement Your Social Program

6 Ways to Use Social Media for Business

Practical Guidance and Templates for 
Developing Full-Scale Programs

This social media “revolution” has changed the traditional, corporate monologue into a two-way dialogue with customers and prospects. It has also given businesses seemingly endless possibilities to engage with its network. What this means for marketers is that the time to embrace these social media channels is now.

In the Social Media Pocket Guide, the top six objectives every company should consider having at the core of its social strategy are outlined. The guide helps point companies in the right direction for creating and implementing social media initiatives based on proven success tactics.

In this 40-page social media guide, discover:

  • The 6 most important social media objectives of brand awareness, customer service, event marketing, product introductions, sales and community activation

  • The business case for creating a social media program for each objective 

  • Proven content strategies and sample content tactics to use in programs

  • Real-world social media campaign examples

  • The best measurement methods for determining social media ROI