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Required Reading For Any Social Professional 


For the subject of social media marketing, a standard curriculum has yet to be published to teach best practices and universally accepted conventions. Until now.

In its first edition, the “Spredfast Social Business Textbook” is now in print for social media professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of social marketing practices and strategic guidance for future planning. 

The textbook takes a unique approach to covering social media, institutionalizing social focus areas by relating them to traditional subject areas. Study the 8 keys social subjects by learning key concepts, strategies for success, planning action items and brand examples for practical application. 


I.     Social Media Marketing Landscape

II.    History - Social Listening

III.   Government - Social Organization and Governance

IV.   Music - Orchestration

V.    Math - Measurement

VI.   English - Creating Social Content

VII.  Social Studies - Segmentation and Targeting Social Audiences

VIII. Student Council - Social Engagement and Community 

IX.   Chemistry – Combining Paid, Owned and Earned Media